Artist: Wu Na
Album: Deform From Within
Year: 2012

Flowing Water I
What Is Singing I
Flowing Water II
Crow Cries At Night
Drunken Man
What Is Singing II

Wu Na - Deform From Within

Award-winning Guqin (a seven-stringed ancient Chinese zither) player Wu Na merges her Chinese and western musical disciplines to create a new place for the Guqin in contemporary music.

She has performed and recorded with jazz, rock, experimental and classical musicians in Asia, Europe and the US. Her recent critically acclaimed collaboration is with The Tea Rockers Quintet.

Deform From Within, her new solo album, was produced by Lior Suliman and Tal Weiss. The recording sessions were made under the artistic supervision of Elliott Sharp.

Gorgeous guqin playing...
(BBC Radio 3)

Wu Na managed to combine the tradition of her native China and experimentation that the Western world has to offer… Six pieces that present a very strong instrument and compositions that convey power. We are immersed in tradition but at the same time, also experimenting with compositions closer to our times… 

"Deform From Within" is a great way to get into an unknown world, the instruments and traditional Chinese music with a performer who combines the best of two worlds, tradition and classicism with experimentation, creating very strong compositions, compositions where the strings are felt, and show us all their power… where each note can be a surprise, where two worlds blur, and that music is a universal language that knows no boundaries or ideologies.
(A Ultima Fronteira)

Not easy, but beautiful and almost touching… harmonics soar into the dark space, refract on the walls and back to our delighted ears… better avoid any comparison and simply listen… John Cage would have liked it…   

Wu Na's striking album shows off the modern face of traditional guqin music... takes listeners on a trip to fascinating lyrical expressions...

(Cool Hunting)

...soft, subtle and peaceful, creating a kind of Tao-like Oriental calm, as of late evening. A special listen, this one.


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