Artist: Karni Postel
Album: Room
Year: 2009

Surely We Have Known
Like A Butterfly
Come Over
Take Me
Even When I'm With You
New Love
Bus No. 25
Sugar Man
New Love

Karni Postel - Room

Karni Postel is back with a new album.

Unlike her previous works, this album does not feature any electronics - only live instruments. The tracks include new versions of Karni's hits plus several new songs.

Produced by Lior Suliman & Tal Weiss, the album is part of the acclaimed "Rooms" album series - capturing the rehearsal room "feel". The albums don't feature any "studio pyrotechnics" - just "raw" produced sounds.

First singles from the album are "New Love", Karni's version of the cult classic "Sugar Man" and “Bus No. 25”.